The Wow of Creation

I feel a perceptual movement in the collective of humanity.  I see the movement in the popularity of publications, television shows and movies about fantasy, magic and individual power.

I sense that those who are drawn to these themes in media are remembering the reality of them.  What appears magical and fantastical to us in this reality exists as truth in other realms.  Some of these unseen realms are a part of this Earth.  The elementals and fairies, for example, exist in other dimensions of the Earth in order to assist her.  Many of us have existed in those realms and have known the power to create instantly with thought.

We create in the same way in the lower dimension of Earthly existence, except that the denseness has not allowed for instantaneous thought creation–luckily.  Better to learn to be conscious creators first.

In this world where most humans feel powerless and insignificant, these books and films that, for instance, speak of “the force”, that show the possibilities of the use of this force, I believe touch a part of us that remembers our power and significance as a spark of All That Is and therefore the divine creator that each is.

Nothing outside of us is required in order to be the divine creator.  We are it.  There is no light saber necessary to use the force.  Each of us has access to this universal force and is able to access it with a knowing of who we are as soul and a remembering of what is truth and what is illusion.

I am not walking in mastery yet as a fully conscious human, but I do know my ability to create my reality.  Knowing one’s ability to create is key to its creation.  I have learned to first decree that all outcome is for the good of the whole.  Because all is connected, all will be affected in the way that is for its highest good.

When I want to bring in more money, I “talk” to Spirit with the simple statement of “Bring me more money, bring me more work.”  (I am self employed.)  I have to be careful though to specify that I do not want to work more than six hours a day, five days a week, otherwise I often get inundated with work to the point of exhaustion.  I know as soon as I send out my decree, it is done.  It never fails, and these days quickly comes into being.

I have experienced other recent creations that have made me feel the “wow” of excitement and gratitude when they came to be.  I had told Spirit that I desired certain circumstances to come about, such as no rain and warm days around me for the 10 days I was walking the Highlands of Scotland when rain and cold was expected.

Or, most recently, that I experience only a few inches of snow instead of the 24 inches expected, that we not lose power, and that my car not get covered with or be surrounded by snow.  It is possible that we received about 24 inches of snow, but the wind is so strong the snow has been blown into drifts in places with only a few inches around my car and nothing on my car.  Other areas of the small town I am in have lost power, but we have not.  And now it appears that the major blizzard expected today has dissipated.


Oh, and I almost forgot, I have been stretching and shrinking time lately through intention–shrinking it when I wanted to get somewhere faster than usual and stretching it when I needed more time.  For many years I’ve known about the illusion of time and stopped wearing a watch.  Then when I realized that perception has everything to do with how attached I am to time, whenever I began to believe that I wasn’t going to have enough time, I would remind myself that there is always enough time.  And then there was.



The Beauty of Nature and Friends in the Scottish Highlands

Day 2 D

The Scottish Highlands, and therefore those of us walking through it in September, experienced clear skies and even warm days, warm enough to discard not only my first but second layer jacket as well.  All those I encountered who were native to the area commented on the unusual weather.  We had been blessed with an Indian Summer.Day 2 W

Day 1 N

There were six of us, including our tour guide, who walked the Highlands together.  We gathered for the first time at the Inverness train station, dressed and ready to go walking that morning. Day 2 S

Over the next seven days, as we walked morning till early evening, we developed a bond of camaraderie, a closeness that develops from sharing an experience.  But more than that, it was a bond born of a genuine appreciation one of the other, of the beings that we came to know as we opened ourselves, our thoughts and feelings.


My favorite magical place we walked was through a narrow forested pathway which led to Lochan Uaine and above it the fairie hill (see photos).  Lochan Uaine is a green colored fairie lake made so by the mica under the water.  It seemed we were joined by the fairies as we sat by the lake eating lunch.  They were visible by the light of the sun as they sparkled while dancing on the water.Day 5 R

Day 5 K




The walking tour through the Highlands was spectacular, and I have made lifelong friends as a result of that experience.  The five of us have planned to meet again in 2017 to participate in another Wilderness Scotland trip together.  Claudia and Steve and I know we came together for a reason, which has yet to make itself known fully.

While in Scotland I did not encounter the man I am destined to meet.  Perhaps, as was foretold, we will meet as a result of this trip though we did not meet on this trip.


Serendipity or Divine Intervention

(Note: The posts within A Threefold Journey are part of a continuous story as it is unfolding.  For continuity, please be sure to start at the beginning, if you have not already done so.)

I chose the right place to travel.  Scotland was beautiful, and the trip was filled with magical occurrences.

The first bit of divine perfection occurred on the train from Edinburgh to Inverness where the Wilderness Scotland Highland walking tour would begin the following day.

I had spent the previous two days catching up on sleep and wandering around the river in Roslin upon my arrival in Scotland.  It rained off and on in Roslin.  On my final day there, from my hotel window I watched it soak the dining tables outside the pub below me, and silently reminded Spirit of my request for clear, dry, warm days while walking the Highlands.  Though I was prepared for rain with the waterproof overpants and rain jacket I bought for the occasion and many layers of clothing for warmth.  Having traveled to Scotland once before at the same time of year and been caught by surprise at the extremely cold temperature made worse by the wind, I was determined to stay warm no matter what the circumstances.

The following day was clear and dry.  My taxi dropped me off at Waverley train station in Edinburgh and I made my way to the central platform waiting area.  I had ordered my train tickets online in July and had them delivered to my home so I wouldn’t have to figure out where and how to get them at the station.  Online information said my train would leave from Platform 15, but I knew from experience in London that the platform departure information for each train didn’t get posted on the electronic board until about 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.  And when it did get posted, that was  everyone’s cue to make a mad dash to the platform, scan their ticket at the turnstile to get in, and find their reserved seat (or empty unreserved seat, as the case may be) on the correct coach.

In my case I had a reserved seat–6F on coach B.  After stowing my bag and settling into what I thought was my seat in section F, I overheard a couple who were sitting across the aisle from me, an American man and a woman with a German accent, talking about which seats were forward facing and which were rear facing.  Then I remembered that I had ordered a forward facing window seat, which was on the other side of me, so I switched seats.  There was no one sitting  with me in my section, but across the aisle along with that couple was another younger Scottish couple with a toddler.  Each of our sections had a table between the forward and rear facing seats, and there was not a lot of legroom, especially for the tall American man.  Soon, after noticing the empty seats across from me, the American man asked if he could take one, to which of course I agreed.

Not long after the train departed the station, I overheard the woman with the German accent tell the younger couple that she and her husband were going to Inverness to go on a Wilderness Scotland walking tour through the Highlands tomorrow.  Though I am not usually one to interject into other conversations, I hesitated only briefly before saying to her, “Did you say you are taking the Wilderness Scotland walking tour?  So am I.”

We were all equally surprised and delighted to discover the serendipity (or divine intervention, as I do not believe in chance) of not only that we were going on the same tour, and we were on the same train at the same time, but that we were sitting across from each other in our reserved seats (reservations that we had each made months in advance, as we later shared).

Steve and Claudia and I spent the four-hour journey to Inverness getting to know one another, and because of that we missed much of the scenery that went by.  At one point, though, something made me look out the window at the perfect moment so that I would see the beautiful rainbow in the distance.  I smiled and thanked my guides and all those involved for making my trip a magical journey.

The Perfect Challenge

(Note: The posts within A Threefold Journey are part of a continuous story as it is unfolding.  For continuity, please be sure to start at the beginning, if you have not already done so.)

I have arrived in Scotland, and surprisingly, just as every other time that I have traveled to England, it feels foreign, and therefore I feel a little out of my element.  But then that’s what new adventures bring–different, unique perceptual experiences.

There is a sense of confidence gained in knowing how to navigate one’s usual day-to-day environment through repetition.  That sort of “safe place” of knowing is comfortable and where most of us prefer to exist, trying not to step outside the boundaries for fear of the unknown.  Yet, for me, stepping outside those boundaries to live new experiences brings me the joy of being a human, and it is the kind of life I chose to live before incarnating.

Prior to leaving the United States for Scotland, I had an angelic energy healing/channeling session that provided me the information and openings that I had hoped for.  Some of what was accomplished in that session was the energetic connection from ear to ear that will enable my clairaudience, as well as work on my third eye for opening of clairvoyance, all to enable my communication with the fairy, elemental and angelic realms for the building of the rainbow bridge to them with which I have been tasked.

In addition, my existence as fairy was confirmed with descriptions of the work I did and where I did it in helping to make the flowers grow, as well as my teaching that work to younger fairies.

But it seems I went as far as I could go as a fairy and that I desired new challenges (which sounds like me).  So here I am in my first dense third dimensional human body.  All of my other existences have been in higher dimensions in a light body.

Choosing the time of The Great Awakening of humanity to incarnate has allowed for me the perfect challenge to maintain and increase my light and remember all that I am.

Christ Consciousness – All Love

Many years ago on one of my trips to visit the energetic vortex area of Sedona, Arizona, my friends and I decided to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross while there.

Actually, it was my idea to go to the chapel. Prior to leaving on the trip I had been researching sacred sites in Sedona on the Web and up popped information on the chapel. It is a vortex site visited by many every year. As I read the information, I felt that we needed to go there for the benefit of someone in the group. I knew we didn’t need to go there for me, because though I had been raised a Catholic, I had separated myself from the church and religion in general as a teenager.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, Arizona. Stock media by VWalakte/

The chapel is small, with a beautiful view through the floor-to-ceiling window behind the altar. In the pews sat a dozen people or so, sitting quietly, listening to the softly playing spiritual music coming through the speakers.

I hadn’t planned on sitting, or staying long at all in the chapel for that matter, so I found a place to stand at the back leaning against a railing. As I stood there listening to the music lost in my thoughts, I suddenly felt a strong energy come into me from the top of my head that made my body vibrate. I was overcome with emotion, with the feeling of love, and tears spilled from my eyes because of its intensity.

Feeling the need to sit, I found a seat at the back of the chapel where I spent some time experiencing what I knew to be Christ Consciousness. The love I was experiencing was overwhelming. Not only did I feel it as me, but I felt it and saw it everywhere I looked in that chapel. All of a sudden I was experiencing all of the life around me as this higher consciousness, and it was all love. I felt the love of each being in that chapel, and I felt my love for them.

A man entered the chapel pushing a woman in a wheelchair before him, a woman I felt to be his wife. He chose a pew at the front of the chapel where he parked the wheelchair with his wife still in it at the end and then sat himself down next to it. Before settling in, with no communication between them, I watched him reach over to adjust the sweater his wife wore over her shoulders. It was a seemingly ordinary gesture, but I felt the intensity of his love behind it.

Eventually, I left the chapel still feeling overwhelmed by what I had experienced. And then I had to laugh to myself. It turns out that my friends and I needed to go to that chapel that day for me after all.

* * * * * * * *

I was reminded of my experience at the Chapel of the Holy Cross this morning as I took my usual walk through the undeveloped area around my home. As I communed with my team of light and did some light work for the Earth and humanity, I was overcome with love, and the beauty of it brought tears to my eyes.

Fairy Visits

(Note: The posts within A Threefold Journey are part of a continuous story as it is unfolding.  For continuity, please be sure to start at the beginning, if you have not already done so.)

Soon after hearing the message that what I have come to Earth to do is build a bridge from the lower dimensional frequency of earth to the higher realms of the worlds of fairies, angels, leprechauns, etc., I began to see evidence of the truth of the message.

Before receiving the message, I had already planned a three-week trip to Glastonbury, England, a place I had visited a few times before. This time though I would plan to go to all of the nearby forests and woodlands in order to connect with the fairies, elves, sprites and all the other nature spirits and elementals. Before leaving on the trip I had compiled a list of places to visit.

Each area I visited was lush with greenery and trees, flowers, ferns, moss and toadstools of different varieties. Just the kind of places one would expect to see nature spirits. And I probably would have seen them in physical form if my inner sight was more open. As it happened though, I did see what I believe to be a sign from them that they were with me.

It was a beautifully sunny day, so my friend Linda and I got in the car and drove to the next wooded area on my list called Ebbor Gorge. The trail through Ebbor Gorge begins at the car park where it descends then ascends gently until you reach its highest point where there is an expansive view of the valley below before the trail then leads back to the car park.


DSCN1160 DSCN1166

About two-thirds of the way on the trail Linda and I stopped to rest side-by-side on boulders that were adjacent to some large green bushes that were growing alongside the trail. I was enjoying the scenery while my mind wandered, and when I glanced over at the bushes to the right of me, about seven feet from me I noticed something just above them.


As I looked closer, I saw what appeared to be a thin, curling wisp of white smoke that floated up while continuing to slowly curl around itself until it disappeared a few seconds later. I wasn’t sure what I saw, but as I stared in the air where the wisp had been, another curling wisp appeared. It curled around itself as it slowly rose up, and disappeared just as the first one had. I turned to Linda to share what I had just seen, but I didn’t have to, because she had seen them too.

I immediately thought of the fairies that I had asked to join us on our walk, and I knew that they were letting me know that they were with us. Just to be sure though, I walked over to where the wisps had appeared and shook the branches of the bush to see if I could recreate them. Of course I could not.

Maybe a month or two after I returned home from England I was working at my computer in my office. As I transcribed the audio file I was listening to, typing on my keyboard and looking at the monitor, out of the corner of my eye just above and to the left of my monitor I saw some movement. I stopped typing and focused on the movement. To my surprise and delight I saw what appeared to be a thin, white, slowly curling wisp of smoke that disappeared as it rose in the air.


The Great Awakening

At the end of 2008 I helped my friend Betsy-Morgan Coffman publish her book titled I’m Beside Myself: A Beginner’s Guide to Channeling.  Within the book Betsy-Morgan and her guide Orion (a loving being of light from another universe) describe how her psychic centers were activated and when Orion first began to audibly communicate to her.  And, of course, the book contains Orion’s teachings on the true definition of channeling and how to open to channel.

Recently I was asked to supply the manuscript in Microsoft Word format so the book could be offered via Kindle, which has required me to reread it.  Yesterday as I was perusing chapter 7, “The Process of Channeling – Opening the Heart,” I came across some information from Orion about this ascension shift that the earth and all upon it have been experiencing.

“The word ‘entrainment’ helps to explain how this lifting frequency is accomplished. There is a universal law simply stated:  The highest vibration wins…Where there is a higher frequency, there is entrainment, or the lifting of frequency to the higher level.  Our purpose here is to promote peace, love and higher awareness in all life forms to prepare for this event on planet earth now called The Great Awakening or ascension.  You are a part of this Great Awakening, whether you are aware of it or not.

If you are aware and wish to participate in a positive way, the greatest contribution you can make is to choose to love. This path of the open heart, or what is called channeling, is the easiest, most profound, and life-altering change that you can make in your life. The reason for this is energy—energy that not only changes your life, your heart, body and mind, but interfaces with and thus changes the energy with all other life forms. Again, this is through the process of entrainment.

Perhaps you have heard of the 100th Monkey Syndrome.  When enough human beings have chosen to respond from love, there is created a positive effect, a positive contamination, a critical mass. It is nonverbal, simple, similar to quantum physics. When enough people choose to love, everyone chooses love and then everything changes.

Those who do not choose love or ascension will get another opportunity to learn this, but at a lower frequency or lower dimensions. We would say this is similar to the parting of the Red Sea. Some will go to the left, and some will go to the right. Some will go to a higher frequency of love, and some will stay at the level the planet earth is now until love is learned.

This shift into love will happen around 2012 to 2016.  It will be complete by 2016.”

According to Orion, The Great Awakening is nearing completion.